YIDDISHLAND is also an album edited by André Ochodlo which was published in 2017 by the prestigious słowo/obraz terytoria publishing house. It contains all the poems in the original Yiddish language (in Hebrew and Latin transliteration), as well as translations to Polish and English. It also includes biographical notes about all the poets. Each copy comes complete with the “YIDDISHLAND–trailer” CD.

The album won the honorary award in the contest for  “The Most Beautiful Books in 2017), and the award for Joanna Kwiatkowska for the typesetting and graphic design.

Additionally, 2 volumes, edited by Adam Żuchowski, containing the notes to all songs from  the  YIDDISHLAND Collection, can be purchased at the słowo/obraz terytoria publishing house.

Everybody interested is also invited to download the notes from the link below.