About Artist

This page is dedicated to the musical work of André Ochodlo, a versatile artist, stage director, the creator and director of the legendary Agnieszka Osiecka Atelier Theater in Sopot, and – most of all – one of the greatest promoters of Yiddish poetry in our time.
His songs are both refined and full of artistic expression interpretations of poems written by the greatest 20th century authors of Yiddish poetry, created thanks to the collaboration with most prominent Polish and foreign composers and musicians, particularly, the closest cooperation with Adam Żuchowski, a creative jazzman of the young generation, talented composer, arranger and double-bass player.
The artist brings back the forgotten part of Jewish Polish and European culture, rediscovering poetry of Abraham Sutzkever, Mordechai Gebirtig, Itzik Manger and many, many others.
Without turning away from klezmer tradition, his artistic pursuits reach far beyond it towards the most contemporary, experimental, often jazz arrangements.
André Ochodlo’s music builds a bridge between times and cultures, resurrects the spirit of Yiddish poetry, incorporating it into full-blooded, diversified music.
“Yiddishland”- a unique collection of 12 albums with, among others, 120 new Yiddish songs composed by 12 outstanding contemporary Polish composers, is currently in preparation. Three albums: Silence, Kroke and Shir Hanoded are already available for the audience.
Additionally, two more albums have been released so far: “Polin” – a selection of songs making up an
innovative recital with the same title, being an introduction to “Yiddishland”, as well as “Shalom. Live at Atelier” – a collection of songs from the most popular and acclaimed recital presenting most beautiful traditional Jewish songs in contemporary arrangements, performed live between 2007 and 2016.