The Song of Eden

And as we once shared our breaths in
The garden of Eden – we share its apple, too: you sink
Your teeth in the red half, into the green one – me,
Still hardly warmed by the summer and its spirit.

We share the breath, and the apple, and the wounds,
We share our I and You and we love this game.
And the one who once blessed us, rebuked and withdrew
Is now jealous of us in his garden-of-Eden lair.

Jealous, that he created us to be like him,
And we created, like a gilder does from his gold,
The most sublime suffering from the fervent night music,
To share it like everyone has desired since the dawn of it all.

We share the pain and we know that the axe of axes
Will chop down the tree of life only with us together.
We share it and know that time is blind and deceptive:
Music is time. Music is here. We enter its world…

From Both Ends of the World

From both ends of the world
We tremble and stare:
Two mirrors blue with cold,
A port facing a port.

A match, nothing more,
Just one stroke –
And a teardrop will fall
Madly in love with a teardrop.

With a spark, everything will fall
One upon another.
Just like a circus will fold
In a split of a second.

Only, you’re too fond
Of your loving, just attempt
To strike the match.
That’s it. And everything is gone.

And I will swallow my tongue,
Out of envy, when it talks
About my delight.
It’s over. You’re here no more.

From both ends of the world,
Made by one God:
Two mirrors blue with cold,
A port facing a port.



Cover photo by Patrycja Trzepizur-Sosnowska
Photo below by Zosia Zijo & Jacek Pióro

Abraham Sutzkever (1-13)
Itzik Manger (14)

Abraham Brudno (2)
Marek Czerniewicz (6, 10, 12, 13)
Piotr Dziubek (9)
Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz (3)
Michał Lorenc (4)
Paweł Lucewicz (8)
Piotr Mania (14)
Włodzimierz Nahorny (7)
Irek Wojtczak (5)
Adam Żuchowski (1, 11)

Atom String Quartet:
violin – Dawid Lubowicz
violin – Mateusz Smoczyński
viola – Michał Zaborski
cello – Krzysztof Lenczowski

piano – Jan Smoczyński
double bass – Adam Żuchowski